Baby biking

Baby biking

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If you are choosing a baby, you should prefer models that fully protect the child's foot. What do you need to pay attention to?

From early spring until late autumn, the bicycle can leave the car or bus. Even a few kilometers of cycling can cope with the disappearance of fathers. We clean up the raw fuel, don't put it in a bucket, and

Traveling by bicycle

we move in between, enjoy the freedom, the fresh air, assuming the weather greets us. And for the kids, it is a great pleasure to straddle the stroller with the mom or dad. In gardens or in the countryside, but also in the big city, there is a route where you can transport your child around two without risk.
It is important to get started with proper cycling practice and a well maintained vehicle.

Other pilots behind the government

Seedling can be transported by bicycle - depending on the age, the entrepreneurial mood and the type of bicycle - there are many possible variants. The most widespread is water-mounted parenting. Bicycle specialist shops and some baby clothes nowadays have very safe babies. You can choose from front (between the steering wheel or between the steering wheel and the saddle) as well as the saddle mounts to be fitted. Between the ages of two and three, depending on the size of the child, we are better off with first life (unfortunately this is less likely to happen). There are also more benefits to having your child placed. We can keep an eye on (if need be, well), we don't have to do acrobatic guides to make sure you have your cap, don't take off your shoes, or have your safety belt removed. it is even more advantageous that even a crooked, bouncy child does not tip the bicycle out of balance, even though a small movement of the backpacking small "takes the bottom off the bike". Last but not least, we can also fit a basket on the left boot. This way you can shop with your child quickly and comfortably. The disadvantage of a pre-mounted seat can be that it interferes with the long-legged parent because it can only ride "outstretched". It may also be a problem that all children are unaffected by the need to deal with change, the head, or the full control of the government. Of course, as with anything that is dangerous, it can be suppressed with the right consistency.

The father is in the wings

Bigger kids can be transported without any problems in the back. It does not fade, it does not begin to shrug, it does not need to be in constant contact with it for the safety of travel. At the same time, back seat protects the child from the carriage.When choosing a childrens, we prefer models that go all the way to the child's foot, and prevent the child The newest babies are designed with just one bracket attached to the bike's saddle. This little piece of equipment needs to be fitted with baby pads. This way, the seat can be fitted and fitted at a glance, without having to wander around for a long time before departure, as the child is anxiously hovering around our feet. These models have a very good spring suspension, as the top almost floats above the water. If your family uses multiple bikes for baby-sitting, it is worth buying more carry-on straps, so if your mom is tired, you can move your baby around with the dad.

Mom rolls, the tandem moves

There are innumerable other ways of interconnecting. Very convenient and safe for children on bicycle tours on factory roads, an easy-to-connect two-wheeled trolley that can comfortably accommodate up to two small loads. This structure is very popular in America, and we still do not have much contact with it. We do not recommend it in city traffic, as in low-lying seats children would be unable to speak a significant amount of exhaust, and it is very dangerous at first glance. This is a "half bike" mounted on your parent's bicycle with its own saddle and pedal. An adult bicycle is practically transformed into a tandem bike so that the child can safely hold and pedal, because his foot is higher, but if you do not roll, it does not matter, because the parent actually drives the vehicle. This solution is recommended for older children (5-8 years). Cycling with your child is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, it also gains family time and steely muscles. So back: saddle up!

Tips for transporting your child

Only use childcare designed for this purpose! Garden armchair, plastic swing, cat basket childrens currency conversion is rich fantasy, but unsafe! Even shipping on the sheer water is extremely dangerous.
Always adjust the foot and upper body safety belts to the size of the child!
If you give the baby a little cap, tie the ribbon well underneath it, because it can easily get off the thread at the head. It is recommended to use a safety helmet.Wear a safety belt that the child cannot unlock himself!
From the outset, let the child be accustomed to behaving discreetly on a bicycle.


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