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Marcsi's Pregnant Mannequin - Month 4: From a small apple to a large circle

Marcsi's Pregnant Mannequin - Month 4: From a small apple to a large circle

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I felt it was time to make my most important decisions about birth. Maybe that's why it was so important because I had nothing else to do with the pregnancy, I don't even look, I don't feel very well…

When I was expecting my first child, I had no idea what it would be like to have a baby. It was just important to be healthy and the baby to be good at the end. It's just one day out of my life, I waved it and didn't even think about it. The really important things will come after, I explained to everyone. If I had guessed that this day would determine many, many things to come, I would have paid more attention. Because the phrases that were spoken that day were burning into my mind and are still burning. Better than the knots of butter. Of course, when the dear old doctor said, "This is not going forward, I have to give it a kiss!" I was so crazy that I almost shook his hand.
Even my husband had only heard half of him say to him, "Well, at least I'm getting to the Duluth party." Even after that, I can't decide if there was any health reason why my baby was born with a cup or was simply a pleasure. However, I consider it absolutely inhumane that when my son shook the doctor's hand with the narrowest of eyes, he asked me how his wife could save his life and his life:
- Since the Phoenicians came up with the money, it's not a question.
Of course, it only came to me in a matter of months, but by then you had no hesitation in choosing a doctor.
The second birth
When I was recruited again ten months later, I considered one thing important. Lest it be a bastard. Not easy, but I finally found a doctor who believed that if possible she would fulfill my hunger. I was so confident that I didn't even remember that he wouldn't accept me when I walked into the town with five-minute coyotes. But they are parents. They were just carding and didn't really want to deal with me.
- Did you have a cesarean section? Come on, this is it! they waved. And I sighed, "But the doctor has told me!"
"Oh, my dear," they waved, "every doctor does!"
These words echoed all the way through the voices in my voice, no wonder it was twice as difficult as I never believed it would succeed. But Borsikám, after twelve hrs, went out without any problems.
With her chosen mother-in-law
Now, for the third time, I know very well that this day is extremely important. And I know what I want: for the baby to be good. Do not insert a probe into your nose, mouth, buttocks as soon as they are born. Don't take me away for a second and see my great-grandchildren anytime. All I need is a proper hospital and a good baby who will be with me for the rest of my life. Luckily I've been around for a while now and I know who this person will be. But he has a little bib with him. Al Exclusively at St. Stephen's Church, I was born in a state of worship, and I work in another hospital. But it's not a baby-friendly place. So I made a difficult decision. I'll leave my old doctor, whom I really loved, and don't choose a new one. Because I don't want any more. I just need to give birth and be the doctor who's just inside. The warden. I know this is a completely bold decision, but since then I have spoken to many more people who went to labor without a choice doctor, and no one regretted it. Of course, this does not mean that there is no doctor who gives me the attention and care that I need during my pregnancy. Just that I don't consider babies a medical event, and I hope that I won't have to meet anyone other than the babysitter. If it doesn't happen anyway? And then the hospital assistant is there, and I'm sure I'll get the best care from the ward. Because she's there.
Week 16: I was re-elected during the recruitment because this is when the AFP exam will take place. The amount of fetal white blood from the baby being taken from the mother to the mother is examined. In order for the result to be accurate, it is imperative that you do it at week 16, before and after, because it gives you accurate values. If the measured values ​​are too high, it may refer to Velcro-closure disorders (or something nicer, say twin pregnancies), or too low to Down. The result itself does not mean anything, because very often it is positively positive. In these cases, despite the great alarm, the fetus is healthy. Better efficiency is the so-called triple test, which includes AFP, beta HCG and free E3. Each of these names is composed of a constituent of the lepidopteran hormone. Differences in these may indicate chromosomal abnormalities. Marci's results have been very good, and they can look forward to the 18-week genetic ultrasound with complete calmness.
Marcsi's doctor is dr. Zoltán Ambrus Birth and Birth, Medicover