Video, how dangerous it is to have a kid in a car in a jacket

Video, how dangerous it is to have a kid in a car in a jacket

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Since then, experts have warned about how dangerous it is to tie a child in a car jacket.

Do not overclock (photo: iStock)If we saw a child without a warm jacket as the car rises, out of concern, come to mind that you will be safer on the go - so you can include a mother.ly article that covers how much is connected to the car. Because, of course, it is a serious challenge - especially with many children - to travel in a car without a jacket: you have just picked it up and you have to take it off. But it's worth all the fatigue, because it comes with very serious dangers when you're involved in a car jacket.As the video below shows, if it is too loose, then it loses its original protective function. хket. The same applies to the safety belt, so parents must buy their coats before leaving.
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