Celebrities Helping Brutal, Empowered And Poor Children

Celebrities Helping Brutal, Empowered And Poor Children

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Do you know what 400 kids without parents are looking for in the street? Celebrities are campaigning.

Celebrities Helping Brutal, Empowered And Poor Children

A week ago, life-size paperboard kids found themselves in unexpected places in Budapest. Supports the guerrilla action in Basilica, Parliament, Metro, Underpants, Dénes Pál, Thick Tomi, Gigi Radics, Bálint Singers, Viktor Kassai Rally Champion, Norbert Kiss European Champion in Auto Racing the their parents live without children call your attention. Today's close 22,000 children not living with her parents. They are a group of invisible kids who are sitting next to us on the tram, bus, queuing in the store. For the most part, they were neglected for years, blamed for them before child protection kerьltek. The number of vulnerable children is even greater: 140,000 are in such circumstances that they can be lifted out of the family even if their living conditions are not improved.
The SOS Children's Villages has a family of 400 children in Kecskemét, Kőszeg and Oroshaz. With parents, children can grow up with their brothers and sisters.
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