Segнtsйg! My kid is lousy!

Segнtsйg! My kid is lousy!

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Like it or not, in any case, lice are still a problem in children. There is no need to survive tragically if your child is lice-loving, but you shouldn't take the fight against lice seriously!

My friend half-horn - half-jokingly asked me this question: Guess what your baby got rich after the first week of school? My tip was a lot of science or the blue spots I got at the gym. I did not win. Little Betti brought a whole family of tufts home on her gray pigtails, and her little brother, Blaine, was lousy all night long. And while the school physician beckoned the family to rest, the parents were distributing better-to-better advice to each other.


Fortunately, the friendly doctor's pediatrician gave me a calm doctor and phone call on a leash. One of the important and new information was that of the tithe not only on dirty scalp and hair. The insect loves a clean head, and everyone has the same chance of being a source of food and food. Spreads with direct contact, even when children put their heads together in play, but also in common games, fairies, turtles can spread the infection. From this, new lice emerge, and, moreover, the bony hair remains on the hair, and as the hair grows farther away from the scalp. Tehбt it is not enough to kill the living lice, thin hairs must also be removed from the hair.

Segнtsйg! My kid is lousy!


Cephalopods are more difficult to spot because they are well adapted to humans. The headpiece can change the color to the color of the hair. Because you are eating blood and you are bleeding your blood 6 to 12 times a day, this causes an allergic reaction and itching. Usually, this is the symptom that parents catch the cephalopod. Once we were convinced that we were dealing with cephalopods, it would not hurt to call relatives, friends, and warn them to pay more attention to family members in the coming days.


A very radical method was used to wipe the head off, children were bald, and the problem was solved. Fortunately, today, there is no need for this, nor is it worth any more, because the long hair will not make the child licey, the tithe will appear in up to 3mm hair. also need to be applied very carefully. Wait until it has been dried and then use a sharp tooth (suitable for this purpose) or vinegar to remove dead germs. Care should be taken to avoid contact with children. It should not be applied to minor skin areas.The effects will last until the next head wash (up to a few weeks!). the family has all its members at the same time because of the high risk of infection due to close contact. Special attention must also be paid to hygiene: it is also advisable to iron the hats after washing, and it is also advisable to clean the hats. Replace the hoods or treat them with disinfectant or disinfectant. The bristles can be removed from the hair with a very dense body, which is also available in drug stores. And what's the biggest job, we need to thoroughly clean the whole apartment. The carpets, linen and towels should be vacuumed and washed thoroughly. Also, wash the washable animals in the washing machine, bag the non-washable animals and put them in the freezer for a couple of days. It's a good idea to thoroughly clean your garden, car and bedding, so we can make sure we get these unpleasant insects out of our homes in good time.