BLW Anyone? Is this really the best nutrition method?

BLW Anyone? Is this really the best nutrition method?

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Almost every parent has ever heard of the BLW Alternative Entry Guide. But not everyone is clear on what the three letters mean, and most of all, it is not better - if at all - than traditional traditional methods.

Is BLW Really Better? The problem can start when parents adopt self-paced counselors, learn infant and toddler habits, and do not have the skills to do so. Rabadul a BLW is a controversial method, even among professionals.

What is BLW?

Let's start from the beginning: BLW is an acronym for "Baby-led weaning", which is hard to grasp in Hungarian, but can also be translated as "baby-led nutrition". It is important to keep the baby in line with his / her needs (consumes as much good at his / her own pace). The method Gill Rapley, called by the English protagonist in life in this form. The popularity of 10-15 years is growing, And this is no accident! Нgйretes mуdszer but tovбbbi, megfelelх minхsйgы kutatбs kijelenthessьk szьksйges to szakemberkйnt szйles kцrben: ajбnljuk.Kutatбsok officially tцrtйntek same, but tцbbsйgьkben felfedezhetхk gyengesйgek: small esetszбm, цnbevallбson alapulу leнrбsok (where the pontossбg?), The higher kutatбsokban rйsztvevх anyбk nagyrйszt school failures (this can lead to data distortions), limited data access, etc. However, it can be assured that the method is safe if the parent listens to a small set of by-laws.

BLW Rules

  1. Family meals may come, but some transformation is needed: Most importantly, reducing your sugar and sugar intake is important to keep in mind. It is also important that the baby has lighter food in his hands easy to grasp (since you only learn pinching) - you can use steamed vegetables, barbed rods, etc. on the stomach.
  2. There should be a distinction between gagging and choking, but in order to acquire this ability, the parent does not need to read an article: it is advisable to learn how to remove the alien from the air without first being trained by an experienced technician.
  3. Must not be too hard on the child or lightly conspicuous food (eg hard candy, popcorn, whole grains, raw rapeseed, etc.).
  4. Let's get along with the childso the child is an equal part of the desktop. The baby learns, socializes, observes, and experiences according to his or her pace. The parent is not in a hurry, does not support the meal and does not support expectations.
  5. Do not leave it aloneso we can get to the point in time if needed.
The most important (presumable) benefits of BLW are:
  • It is effective in preventing adulthood obesity but is not preventive in itself.
  • The baby can get positive nutrition-related edges.

Who decides if your baby can feed with BLW?

The baby. NOT the baby. Even parents often decide certain things about the next few months, including the BLW, before the baby is born. But this is not a method suitable for all babies, nor is pure nutrition. Fresh nutrition can also be "baby-led"and are not harmed by BLW babies. Nothing is black or white and it's not right for parents in BLW vs. split into groups.

The baby's temperament and his life decided on the nutrition method

  1. A baby's temperament shortly after birth (intense, calm, etc.). This has a profound effect on the diet style that will suit her.
  2. Elхйlet: for example, premature babies may have some lower abilities (among others, having a lumpy skin), which can cause nutritional deficiency in the baby. Starting nutrition is important for some illnesses as nutrition therapy has proven to be effective in treating most illnesses:
    - The iron warehouses are approx. They are groomed by 6 months and need to be spayed, since iron is of paramount importance for the baby's healthy development. If the feeding starts slipping, iron deficiency can develop.
    - Allergies: Based on credible international recommendations (eg NIAID, ESPGHAN), it is recommended that common dietary allergies be introduced to healthy children before the age of 1 year due to lower allergies and atypia. If you postpone the start of nutrition, you may have allergies, for example. for children at high risk, this "window period" (in which protection would develop) may not materialize.

In summary, further studies on BLW are needed, but a very worthwhile method. If the child does not accept the child's needs, we may have to consult with BLW methods in consultation with a specialist. No method is right for every baby, so keep in mind: the baby has to decide.Additional articles feed system:
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