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Awesome life-threatening baby-hobby or playful toy?

Awesome life-threatening baby-hobby or playful toy?

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Many people would say this is the perfect kid. He whispers, there are milk drops on the edge of his mouth, light in his eyes. But you never want to eat, you don't have to drape. Of course, since it does not survive.

Just a toy baby. It is getting more and more prepared around the world. Not for kids. Adult women take it for themselves.

I lost a resemblance

The "reborn baby" is not available in stores - so fancy that no chain of stores has chosen to sell it. For many people feel uncomfortable with what appears to be a genuine nylon bag-wrapped baby doll. Mostly the men. For the vast majority of women, they are able to pay for their beautiful, shapely newborn baby dolls and fires ranging from thousands to thousands of forints on the Internet. The cheaper ones are lifelike - but the more expensive variants have a sea of ​​extras: they blush their eyes when they close their eyes, make a real baby sound, suck their dummy, and smile deliciously. The bodies are warm and soft, the heads need to be kept as they are easily retracted and also have a baby scent. You need to spray a special perfume once a day, mixing the scent of rock powder, butterscotch, mother's milk and purity. Anyone who does not know that only a baby doll is in their hands will never find it. The illusion is complete

Foul poke

Grandchildren are among the grandchildren, to whom their grandchildren are gone. Women who have outgrown their babies and who have never given birth. But there are also some special orders for reborn babies: Based on the photos, some children are ready to have baby dolls. There are some who make the baby version of an older cat's baby, recalling the happy baby age - others bring tragically lost children to life. It is a closed world that has been operating for decades. There are reborn ladies, forums, meetings, they look like a real baby-mom gathering. Laying down in prams, in designer clothes, reborns arrive and women talk about them as if they were real. Just play, level, don't hurt anyone. It's like when men collect life-long car models and railroad cars. Women collect dolls and babies since then. There is nothing new in this - only technology is advanced.

There is no solution

But this is where the psychologists find the danger. Because reborn babies have a lot to do with it, because it speaks to the strongest female stimuli, and similarity obscures the boundary between currency and illusion. In most cases, this is not a problem, but after a miscarriage or birth, the lost child should not be mourned. This is what prevents or completely prevents the acceptance of the currency. It seems like innocent consolation - but it can also have dangerous consequences. The baby is unable to bear or bring back the dead. Those who give themselves this illusion may be temporarily relieved, but will lose it in the long run, and may even have a serious mental problem if they are not confronted with the reality. After all, reborn isn't real. Just look like this. Just like the solution. You don't.