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That's why it's good to be pregnant this summer

That's why it's good to be pregnant this summer

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Many mothers, when they find out when they are expecting their baby, are scared that it will be the hottest months for the big tummy, so it may be even harder to get pregnant. However, summer fun has its benefits!

We can move more outdoors

Exercise is not to be neglected during pregnancy, and regular (reasonably good) sports do a lot of good for the mother and the fetus. And in the warmer months, we like to be outdoors: you can go big, and of course, fall, and these are the best exercise for your baby! Sйtбlni For example, even those who may not have been involved in sports before, may not need any special equipment (up to a good shoe) and the pace can be determined by us. Ъszбs and in the midst of it, we can consider it almost uninhibited, this movement is good for business and the risk of injuries is minimal. Not to mention how pleasant the water can cool in the can.We can spend much more time outdoors in the summer

We can buy more fruits and vegetables

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for the health of the fetus. In the lightest and most delicate way we can provide these to our body from fresh vegetables and fruits, these foods also contain essential fibers and energy that are essential for proper digestion. There is plenty of fruit and greenery to choose from in the summer, and a great salad with grilled chicken or fish can be a great dinner! Not to mention that if we have the patience and energy we can freeze the fruits and vegetables for the baby to be born.

Filling with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is synthesized in the sun by the influence of sunlight, and it is very important for the skin to have adequate light protection, and it is worthwhile to stay outdoors (especially since most people in our country have vitamin D deficiency). Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to impaired immune function, increased risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. In addition, more research has focused on the effect of vitamin D on pregnancy in the unborn child: summer children, for example, are more optimistic in nature and larger than they are.

We can relax at Leglegisan

In many jobs, the rules are a bit looser in the summer, and many people go on vacation, so the little ones can relax with a peace of mind - which is usually true for us, since pregnancy can occur at any stage of the life. And a last vacation of two (threes) can be a special opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your family or older child (via).Also worth reading:
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