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For other kids, the playground was the forest, and for him, birth

For other kids, the playground was the forest, and for him, birth

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Prof. Dr. Péter Takabcs, professor at Eastern Virginia University in the US, was born in Debrecen. A post-birth regeneration priority program, the work of the research director of "Baban", while offshore, he is reintroducing it.

It is important to think in the infancy that you will have life beyond the babyThe specialist became a baby girl because her father was, too. Until the age of eight she lived in a clinic for obstetrics. For other children, the playground was the forest, and for him, birth meant it. She saw her first year of birth, which may have been too early, but she started a process.- How did urogynecology come about?
- It has been obvious to me during my college years that I find it easier to find a common voice with female patients. Childbirth is very beautiful, because if you want to conceive, you will encounter a completely natural process, healthy women, if you give birth to a woman, you will have as much opportunity as possible. Then fate made me come across America uroginekolуgiбval, among others, dealing with pelvic depression, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. A new area that I was very interested in.- When and how did the "Babylon" program begin?
- He looks back at least fifteen years. I was working in Miami when I was asked how we could after birth, to control changes in the pelvis for better control. We researched it for years under laboratory conditions and then translated the results into animal experiments. Finally, we performed a series of experiments in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Debrecen, where we proved that the diet of the Baban can help to improve the muscles of the pelvis.Prof. Dr. Péter Takabcs- But the program has another message.
- Yes, we want to make you aware of being a baby after birth, be more concerned about themselves and their health. Unfortunately, it is a accepted social requirement for a new mother to take care of the baby with a hundred percent dedication, minimal assistance, day and night. I think in America, women are much more relaxed about it and more attentive to themselves. It is important to think in the infancy that baby will be alive, hence the name of the program. The newborn will become a teenager and then leave home. It does not matter what quality of life the mother remains after. For example, you can do a lot for yourself with pelvic floor muscles. It would be important for a woman to exercise in this area during pregnancy and until the end of the sixth week after birth.- Why is the first six weeks so important to your recovery?
- In the vaginal birth, the pelvic floor muscles may be crippled. The older the mother, the greater the chance that she will be born in her early childhood in the twenties and 15 in her forties. The levator muscle should be treated like a chalice that surrounds the pelvis. It needs to be significantly relaxed and stretched so that the baby can get out. This bladder contains the bladder, the vagina and the internal genitals. If a permanent disorder occurs, it can lead to incontinence and sexual problems. Six weeks after birth, six months of unique hormonal milieu, a self-acting, self-defeating mechanism relevant to evolution. This is why women were able to give birth without problems even in the wild. This is a never-ending period for complete regeneration, so you can do the most for it.(X)This article was supported by Fempharma.
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