What makes a baby smart?

What makes a baby smart?

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He whispers in our arms, his serious, wistful gaze penetrating to our souls. We would do our best to be a happy, balanced, smart, successful person. Do we need to start "developing" tools with dummy tools?

Love-loving education brings forth fruit

- Baby babies come to the world prematurely: yes, a mature, prematurely born baby is actually prematurely born. It is fully serviced in everything, it would not survive if the adult didn't care. Care, however, must not be solely about ensuring food, purity and proper temperature! he explains dr. Swords Ilona pediatric psychiatrist, chief physician of the Wildlife Garden Pediatric Psychiatric Hospital and Specialty Ambulance. It is such a development that at birth, a hundred grams of brain can have a kilo by the first day of birth! So imagine that millions of cells flow freelyand if they are not "uploaded" with the right content at the right time, they are destroyed. And the right content, that is to say, stimuli and experiences, brings something to the baby: the benefit of care, which is baba-mom pбros takes place in a tight, intimate atmosphere. The essence of this conclusion (also known as attachment in the scientific life) is that a caring mother helps the baby to develop, and that she responds with choices, such as letting go of her eyes. So hot, they think they are an indivisible whole.

What helps with conclusion?

If the caring (fortunately the parent) person is He is emotionally committed, that is, loving, and if it adapts to the baby's needs at all times. They fall short on inconsistent elements of perception and impede emotional development. When it comes to infancy that the caregiver changes permanently who does not show sympathy for the baby and does not adjust to his or her small needs, you have trouble with your baby, who you are, and how you can have your baby an adult who is almost incapable of compassion, love, guilt, solidarity. Without the proper "investment", the infant is unable to execute its genetic program, the "empty" neurons disappear. Not only their emotional development, but also their thinking functions, basics of meaning they do not develop properly: a baby who is deprived of opportunity has a poorer soul, a child who is more difficult to understand, a logical and an abl
- Of course! We think about how relaxed we are, as adults, with loved ones. African, Asian women carry the baby on their own all day, although nowhere is it stated that the baby is in need of these stimuli for healthy development. They are simply experiencing it. On the other hand, it is a proven fact that only a safe child, that is, a calm child, is capable of lower-earning research and of school-age learning.

The family will defeat

- It can be scary to anyone who's a jerk they give birth to their babies after birth, and for five days only give them a strict breastfeeding time of about seven minutes.
- Fortunately, the fejlхdйslйlektan her insights have succeeded at the gates of births, pediatric hospitals, and even premature babies: today, we know how much damage to moms and babies is when they separate them. baby-mom rooms, it is the mother's right to be with her child at every moment in the town hall. Short-term "motherlessness" is cured by the family and fully rehabilitated. Even babies born up to three months old, or at least foster parents, can outweigh the lack of early bonding, and children who are three months of age or older do not. However, in today's Hungarian circumstances, a baby left in childbirth will stay in the infant home for three years, until they decide whether to conceive. I met a couple who had waited eighteen years for adoption. You have to know that most developed countries have closed infant homes where they are, for example in Italy, where our job is to ensure that the baby has a proper, Ladies' Lap is the competent ministry official.
- The scandal, if we don't talk about it, is that results of developmental lectures they were trapped outside the walls of Hungarian infant homes. A tremendously strong group of interests working to preserve the atmosphere and conditions of fifty years ago, the infant home today is to be "exited" as a kindergarten. The feelings, the little ones who grow up in a personal bondage, suffer from life-threatening disorder.Also read these:
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