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10 little things that will make your baby better

10 little things that will make your baby better

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Sometimes stunts that look surprisingly insignificant can make a big difference in the baby's dense, frenetic mood. Just out!

When you feel your baby wakes up somehow left in the day, and whatever you usually help, such as breastfeeding, carrying, carrying, it is time for these rescuers.1. Fürdetõvцdör
Who knows what's the secret? Perhaps the same as a carry-on, a tight fit? What is certain is that when the abdomen, the uncomfortable weight of the baby is undressed and inserted into the special, internally trained baby belt, he immediately falls silent and loose. All it takes is a little water, the little baby needs to be kept, and the big cats, who are good at keeping their heads and spines alive, safely feed themselves and spit in the heat.
2. Calm, quiet music
Even the smallest ones would probably be able to fall asleep in the midst of cuddling, but there could soon be a moment when the roaring noise, the shouting, the quarreling, the loud, loud music, the sound of the noise. Of course, silence is the best solution, but quiet classical music can help. The dolls would vote for Mozart, but we could also try Hundel's baroque operas.
3. Tбnc, general movements
Take a close look at your baby and dance with him to some rhythmic, bouncing music. It's also soothing and enjoyable for you to rock it in and out, doodle right and left with it, and get yourself a little baby "babyapet" like bibi-baba, bibi, elf shit, rn, jaya-jaya, bibi-baby, bay belly, jaya-jaya, what a beautiful fluffy hair, bibi-baby - and other high-pitched sayings like that.
4. Heated cloth
Even a tiny bit: the wipes are almost always uncomfortably cold when you take them out of the luggage, and the baby's butt is warm when you unwrap the diaper. It will be much more pleasant to touch the baby if you wipe it off with a cloth that is kept in a warm place (eg on the body). (It is best to use environmentally friendly products)
5. Babaring litter
Wow, curtain - any one does, sometimes the little ones have smooth, weak rocking. Rock it in the comfort, comfort, and help of the little inconveniences. Don't ring for too long - as with anything else, pay attention to your baby's feedback.
6. Nice changing of diapers
It can occur up to eight times a day, so it is not indifferent whether it is a dry mouth or a good stretch. Talk to him in hand, explain to him what action is coming, praise, kiss, caress. Prepare everything you need, take your time, don't hurry. The baby is filled with good sense of predictable, always repeated events.
7. Slow, weak, sure movements
Little babies can get scared if they are suddenly moved. Support the head first on the back of your head, then lean on the back and lift it up. If you are frightened, fasten it to yourself, it will reassure you. If Newbie hands the baby, explain all this in advance. They often fear that the baby may spill milk on their clothes, so they keep a little of themselves, who respond shortly.
8. Appropriate Temperature Set
It has changed to mean exactly how many degrees, but it can worsen the baby's water when it is cold or, conversely, water. Do not move it, and the room temperature should be no more than 20-21 degrees Celsius, of course, this is difficult to solve in summer.
9. Hand in hand
Newborns and young babies can be quite disorganized when they are up to three months old. They are terrified, too, of their own martial law, and they hail. Here's what I thought of: Warm your palms and gently tighten your tiny hands. I'm surprised at how quickly he calms down!
10. Gentle light
Too much light disturbs the little ones. They gently tighten their eyes so they don't see much in the world. If possible, dim something in the lights. Your outdoor air outlet is set up with a parasol.

Baby's happiness, Mother's happiness

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