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More than 2300 educators are missing the system

More than 2300 educators are missing the system

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There is no less popular teacher, there are schools where there is a shortage of practically every teacher.

Although the government is constantly communicating that educators' appraisal is paramount, the situation has not improved at all in recent years. Lack of nationality and increasing ambiguity - See page 24.More than 2300 educators are missing the system The page last year had nearly 2,400 active job vacancies and teachers at the end of last year's school, currently with 593 job vacancies and 1825 job vacancies. The hirdetйsek kцzцtt there are those in which the university earn dolgozуkat, csalбdsegнtхket, iskolapedagуgusokat, but they mйg levonбsa utбn also tцbb than 2,300 aktнv бllбshirdetйst talбltak the kцzoktatбsban dolgozу pedagуgusok szбmбra.A lists nйhбny konkrйt pйldбt: the veresegyhбzi Fabriczius Jуzsef Бltalбnos only Iskolбban they want two teachers in physical education, two in English, one in mathematics and one in book publishing. The situation is not better in Orlcs either, since April the Tolnay Elementary School has English, physical education, mathematics-physics-informatics and Hungarian-language teachers, and he has begun to attend a comprehensive school , Physical Education, Mathematics, and Mathematics-Any Teacher. osztбlyban. It also looks like a luxury teacher. The page also points out that two-thirds of beginners disappear from the dust. And the field of competition is overwhelming for foreign language and IT teachers. also obscuring the pitfalls of a serious body in each institution - see page 24.
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