Consequences of high blood sugar affects your body if you do not worry about your blood sugar

Consequences of high blood sugar affects your body if you do not worry about your blood sugar

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You wouldn't even think how many malignant processes triggered by high blood sugar levels in the body. Do not bag maintenance, prevent trouble!

The consequences of high blood sugar have been summarized in WebMD as the results that come with high blood sugar.

1. You need to get more

Your liver has to work hard to process the huge amount of sugar that has been added to your blood. When this is difficult, your body gets rid of it, yes, but with all the water it would need.

2. You will be thirsty in Blland

In order for your body to get rid of the extra sugar, it removes water from the tissues. Because you need this amount of water to have energy and function properly, your brain gets a signal that you are thirsty and so much more fluid.

3. Let the word out

As your body draws water away, your lips will dry out and your mouth may crack. You can get infected more easily due to reduced saliva production and a lot of sugar. Your skin may become swollen, and your tongue and mouth may have white patches or wounds. Eat more water and drink sugar-free gum occasionally!

4. Whiskers and skin peeling

Dehydration can cause lacrimation, cracking, especially on your feet, hands, feet and hands. High blood sugar levels also damage the nervous system. This is called diabetic neuropathy and has symptoms such as numbness, numbness, muscle weakness or dyspnoea.

5. You will have problems with your life

Not only does your body remove water from your skin, but also from your eyes, it can make it difficult to talk. High blood sugar can damage blood vessels near the back of the eye (retina), which can cause long-term loss of vision and even blindness.

6. You will be tired all the time

If you have type 2 diabetes and your blood sugar levels are too high, you will become less sensitive to insulin, which supplies energy to your cells. "Fuel? Lack of fat can make you quite tired. The same condition of fatigue can also occur in type 1 diabetes because your body can't produce insulin. If you don't treat it properly, your blood sugar levels can stay high, which is very important. work with your doctor to improve your condition.