The most common beliefs about breastfeeding

The most common beliefs about breastfeeding

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There is no problem with them, other than the fact that they are often not difficult, but because of such reasons, stubborn misunderstandings, breastfeeding, which is best for the child and the mother, stops breastfeeding.

1. If I put on too much at first and leave it on for a long time, my nipples will sag and slough.

NO!There is no such matching! Newborns need more than two months, not just minutes, but a long time to be sure to get enough milk! The nipple is mainly for breastfeeding, except for a few exceptions, it is not the szoptatбs, but it can be caused by one of the following reasons: the baby does not get the nipple in the first place, does not open the mouth normally (this can happen, for example, when the little open mouth is pushed into the breast). crying, and sometimes it is when the mother suddenly kicks the nipple out of the baby's mouth. That is, many reasons can be imagined, but that felбzбs no cause for trouble, rest assured!

2. Ask for luck if I have milk.

NO! Most of the success lies in the practice of breastfeeding according to the biological standard. The biggest problem is trying to "regulate" breastfeeding based on some imagined or well-thought-out system, or perhaps years of information.

Breastfeeding calms the baby

One of the most fundamental keys to success, for example, is to ensure that your baby is able to breastfeed very often, from birth, every time tejbelцvellйs elхtt. Pay attention to the signs of effective breastfeeding when the baby is actually heart-wrenching, and not just cumming on your breast. But in the early days, when it may be too light, for example, due to the urgency, you should pay attention to sucking frequently!

3. If I don't relax enough, I won't have milk!

NO!Bбr a exhaustion, tiredness or the sensation that you haven't slept a while, is really bad, but it doesn't stop dairy farmers. It is much more likely that high levels of stress hormone inhibit milk delivery, meaning that the baby has access to the milk produced.If you feel rested, calm, and fed, you can feel more milk again. And indeed, inner peace also radiates to the baby, who is more comfortable, relaxed, persistent, and long-lasting, thus facilitating proper milk production. So relax if you can! Fél eagle alvбs can also help a lot, even though the harassment, the internal resistance unfortunately worsens the situation.

4. I can't eat certain foods because I have the baby.

NO!The awesome lists that orbit, and which are often given to the mother during the anointing, with a calm heart you can ignore it. While it is true that certain substances may appear in your milk from the food you consume, this is not a problem at all, the purpose is probably to get the baby acquainted with foreign proteins, such as small amounts of fresh milk and , eat raw vegetables, lettuce, onions, garlic! You can consume almost anything with values, and even those that are forbidden are exactly what they are for, because they provide your body with the right nutrients and vitamins. However, the treats are not included in any of these lists, although they are of no use to you, but you can accumulate the extra gills. If you feel something worthy of your baby, skip that one thing for two weeks, and see if the baby thinks about the symptom he or she brings with him or her. If not, it makes no sense for you to give up on it for months.Here are some things to know:
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