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Boy or girl? The father also depends on his siblings

Boy or girl? The father also depends on his siblings

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Everyone knows at least one trick that can, in principle, be used to choose the gender of the child to be born. However, it is surely safe for a prospective dad to look at the family first.

According to researchers, the sex of a couple will depend largely on the genetic susceptibility of the father. In other words, if a father has more siblings, he will probably have a son, but if he has more siblings, he will have a daughter.Corry Gellatly He and his friends studied a total of 927 family frauds, analyzed data from about 556,000 people, and went all the way back to the 1600s. "Having a son or a girl is very much dependent on the family genes. The boy family will continue to have more boys, while the children will have more currency to give birth to children," the expert said. a gene that is not yet known may be responsible for the phenomenon.Are the odds of being a son and a girl 50-50? Whether a child has a son or a girl depends on the male, since the sperm that produce fertilized ova carry the X or Y chromosome. Although in principle the probability of a baby being born is between 50 and 50 percent, genetics can largely disclose.

Why are more boys born?

Even though the gender ratio is relatively balanced (since the grandfather's grandfather's passing is passed on), they are still slightly more son than girl. However, child mortality is also higher among boys. However, genetic inheritance determines whether a girl or son is born in a family: for families with more boys, more can reach the age of nationality, so it has a greater currency to have children (and their children) as well. In families where there were more sons, there was a greater chance of the war being over and thus of the family - that is, of passing on the genes. But in the case of many brothers and sisters, it was more costly for a son to lose his life in a war. this correlation cannot be observed in womenthat is, the fact that a mother has siblings does not influence her own child of the same sex. (via)You may also be interested in:
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