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This is the children's language of love

This is the children's language of love

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Every child needs a different kind of attention and love. We help you figure out the best way to show your child how much he loves him!

This is the children's love languageThe first step to understanding your child's love language is to observe that they are trying to show their love to you. Why can? Because we all tend to try to show others in a way that we love them the way we want them to. Your child you can tell us how much it means to you in the following languages ​​of love.

1. Love and have fun!

Bar is a cuddle to every kid that says I love you!, for those whose language of love is almost howl! If a small child is always around you, touching, stroking your hair, grabbing your arms, touching is your number one priority, and it is probably your love language. If you hang out on the couch, even arm it, put it in your lap, and hold your hand as often as you can - it is as if you were holding your hand. If you survive on some emotionally burdensome things, you can show him or her that you are supporting him or her by pushing his or her hands twice. If this is your primary language of love, then it's good to have a good morning and a good evening - it will still be good for you when you get older.

2. Welcome, please!

There are kids who really love to get gifts - and they just want to have more. For those who have a gift as their main language of love, it is also very important to have a gift wrapped, and they often remember for years when and what they received. Even if your child has this primary love language, to keep expressing to her that she loves and cares about her. These gifts can be small things like a colored pebble or a glass ball that bounces in your very favorite color. Of course, it's great to have a boy at home full of things that you buy cheaply, but you need to know that it's not really important that you spend money on your gifts. If you hide an origami animal on your baby's chair, or a proverbial leaf on your cushion, it will be worth it too. And remember, they also show your senses in a similar way: it is very important that you put your drawings in a prominent place in your home and do whatever you want them to do - just like that! What is important to keep in mind is not to overdo the gifts, do not overdo it, and always be surprised with useful things that are appropriate for your age.

3. Let's talk!

Kids who speak persistently and are kind and good at listening will probably use words as their main language of love. If your child is happy, you dabble every time and often say things like Mom, you are my favorite mom!, he probably belongs to this type.The best way to show what you feel is what you mean by putting it into words: when you're not there, you can do it with small clip art, when you can read it, you can do it with little notes. What's very important is that when you tell him how much you love him and how grateful he is, always look him in the eye so you crouch down, kneel down. Sometimes, for pets, for wild birds, or for your stuff, praise the good things you do, so you can hear them - so you know how proud you are!

4. Do you do it for me?

Probably this is the strangest language of love that is not easy to understand. There are kids who value heart most: for example, when they are thirsty, they get a gift that also puts a little umbrella on them, or they put their shoes on instead. you believe it - sure, if this is your main love language for your child, you may feel a bit like being a servant who is always watching for his sweetheart. But with this language of love, the possibilities are almost endless, there are many things you can do to express your care to your child. What you should keep in mind is that as you get older, you should try to educate yourself as much as possible. You don't have to jump to every request right away, but make sure you make a thoughtful choice and ask for time to do the tasks to take care of yourself.

5. Come here, watch this!

This sentence most often leaves out the mouth of the children for whom quality time is most important. If you often hear that Come on, you have to see this!, Play with me like that!, I'll show you something in my room!, then your child is probably a quality time consuming compassion.Vigyбzz! Quality time does not mean that you are with him, but you are doing something but the fact that you are alone, that only he has your attention in the middle. You will also be able to recharge from short quality times, just give him these occasions. When you talk to him or her about what he or she wants, or play with him or her what he or she chooses.For children whose primary language of love is quality time, the biggest crime is to be alone: ​​just do it .Forrбs: parents.comRelated links: