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Such is the process of birth

Such is the process of birth

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What is happening in the realm of trouble? What are the stages and hormones that help the process?

Such is the process of birthIn the weeks before childbirth, the level of progesterone hormone decreases, while other hormones, such as prostaglandin, increase, resulting in softening of the cervix. Oxytocin hormone levels also increase, a hormone that helps with contractions. During the fatigue, the contractions are rhythmic and painful and are constantly strengthened. During the contraction, the longitudinal muscular bands of the uterus open the softness of the uterus: short. The work of the strong muscles in the upper part of the uterus guides the infant over the cervix. The cork plug that closed the cushion for nine months before birth can be lost, or it can stop working only in the butter. When the fetal membrane ruptures, fetal water loses. Loss of amniotic fluid can occur in leaks or in abundance. During buttering, the cervix is ​​shortened, softened, thinned and expanded. The cuneiform is over. As soon as the action reaches four centimeters, the butter enters the active phase. During the active phase, contractions are strengthened and strengthened. I think that the most painful part of the trouble is when we talk about eight centimeters of full activity. Then the butter feels ready to press. Then the second phase of distress begins. Each contraction causes the baby to move downward.The baby's head is soft, light, so it passes easily through the baby's canal. First, the baby's head is born. After the widest part of the baby's head, the body is expanded and then the whole body. The birth of the head and body may occur under one eagle, but it may also require more penis. In the third and final stage of the placenta, the placenta, is born. As your baby first breathes, this wonderful journey of her parents is over.
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