Introductory Log - Part 2Welcome Visit

Introductory Log - Part 2Welcome Visit

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It sounds a little funny at first, I probably heard this term last time in elementary school when my teachers went to visit if there was a problem with someone. Or because it was supposed to be must. And to be clear, I know this is an important part of the Waldorf door

However, in our wits, as we have learned, the practice of first meeting with the caregivers after a first, brief visit to Welsh is first in a family environment. It's a bit like when family friends come in: talk, play, hang out. I think it's a great idea, and they see where they live and what environment this little man comes to them in the morning. They get a picture of their cheat, there is time, a chance to get to know each other, questions, answers, concerns. Inside, with eight kids running around, this is clearly not possible.
The manager calls our attention not to cook with cobblestone and stone, and the apartment should not be scrubbed lightly, of course. I can't do much, we move recently, but I really haven't, and it follows that the pedantic order is not threatening either.
The visit takes place one week before lunch, on a Thursday in Duluth, and then in full. Our brothers get lost, get off the bus in the wrong place, dog a good thing on the mountain in the heat, that is, when they arrive, we are going to have to wonder about health. But we have trained caregivers. They are curiously crouched down in Dani's room to two ministers, having a hard time accepting a glass of water and a small banquet. They watch Dani play the game, try to talk to him, talk about him. What are your habits, when you get up, what you like and what you don't like, what your favorite toys are, what you do best. Dani quietly watches Andi and Vali, who we occasionally talk to do in the future, and there is no Nancy. Let her know who they are and why they came, as far as this can be translated into two and a half years. For a while, he watches them from a distance, then he unlocks, shows his little car, feeds them with a stutter, and then Dad arrives, and from that point on, only he is important.
We'll talk further. It's a little hard for me to imagine that after two weeks, the kids are cozy, have a good time, go out to the chick in the morning, and are even willing to sleep there. Fortunately, they do not want to persuade them all, and every child will, and we will find out and adjust to what we have. But I also have a lot of questions about the meal. Although it might sound funny, it might have been funny, so we should avoid sugar, white flour, ruts, canned fruit juices and even Dani's milk at home. She gets dairy products, but she didn't drink or drink cocoa. For example, I need to think about how I want to get milk inside, drink tea with very little sugar. We also talk about exceptional chickpeas in that they have their own kitchen and the kids cook there. We do not want any extra hassle about eating, so our bird is that when we get used to it, we can taste it, we can taste the food and drink in the kitchen.
I think long about those parents whose children have a special diet due to illness or anything. How to solve it? If I now want my child not to eat meat, how can this be done? If he is on your side, you will eat it. It's a terrible difficult request, and I'll try to get back to you for a longer article.
In the meantime, there is still plenty to do. Yesterday, a psychologist friend of mine advised me not to familiarize myself with the witchcraft routine, but to navigate my brother all the way, which would be the masculine act of the two of them. Their experience is that if the family can organize it, it's better for dad or grandmother to do it all the way, and for mom to have the little one at home. I turn things on my right, I turn on my left, I don't like this idea. Not to see what he's doing, how he's doing, is he okay? Don't be there if you snort? Don't know what you eat, what you drink, do you play? Maybe not because of the child, but because of my concern, you should go with your father so that my anxieties do not stick to the child. But why do we think his father won't be anxious and will manage his health better? On the other hand, caregivers would rather suggest that if I have it, I should do the routine, because it is also important to resolve the tension to see how you can connect with your caregivers. They also add that it doesn't matter how we make our decision, but only one person should be a little under the habit for their safety. Requests, Requests - Fortunately, we still have three days to reflect. Even then, we do not foresee that this whole process is quite time consuming. Not to mention the spirituality needed…