The weak cesarean section

The weak cesarean section

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There is a caviar method that allows instant skin contact between the baby and her mother. This greatly contributes to the development of congestion and smooth breastfeeding. But what can make a surgical intervention weak?

In Hungary, the incidence of cesarean section is increasing in line with international trends. According to the data of 2017, the national average was 40.2 percent, but there is a very wide variation among the institutions. There was an institution where this number reached 72 percent.The weak cesarean section And while the numbers are unfortunately rising, we are all aware of the innumerable negative consequences of cesarean section, whether it is lack of skin-to-skin contact, gold lumps, or disruption of the skin.

Weak surgery?

In our experience, few people are aware of the fact that there can be a great difference between cesarean section and cesarean section. Even though the baby is getting ready to give birth during electro cupping, so-called "weak cupping" tends to alleviate this shock effect. At the same time, a weak goblet can counteract the myriad negative effects that an electric goblet can have. But what does this diminutive paradox seem to mean that weak cupping does? We talked about this with Barbara Kovács-Varga, a pediatrician who works in a busy midwifery where she has been able to give birth to a weak baby for many years.

Termйszetes? Lassъ? Weak bastard?

I asked Barbara first to help clear up the confusion surrounding the concepts. In addition to the expression "weak cup", you often also come across the concepts of natural and slow cup. Which term best reflects the essence of this cesarean section? Barbara said that the English translation of "natural section" would really be a natural cesarean, and that doctors who use this method should weaker than an electric beaker.

In Clare's story

To understand exactly what a weak cesarean section means, I asked Clare to share his findings with us. In 2017, Klari gave birth to her second child with a weak cup. Previously, he wondered what else this cup was about compared to traditional cupping and found it very sympathetic to have the baby at once. Fortunately, your doctor had already done such a surgery, so she was prepared for a weak cup from now on. Her first baby came to the world with an electric cup, so she could experience two births in Iran: " when my baby was born. I was taken away, and when I was kissed, I realized that I was not with me anymore. Flowchart remembers Kllar:
(…) As the tummy started to help the little one out, the veil was removed so I could see how it worked out. Even the doctors were surprised to find that his head was still out, but he was up, and then a spade-puck lifted himself out of his stomach. Afterwards I gave it to me. Cicire was not in the surgery, but it was placed on my chest, my neck. I could grab it with one hand and it was close to the kiss. Because after a while I got sick, so my brother finally grabbed him, but they didn't take me out, and they stayed in the eye for a while. It was very reassuring to me. Then, as they moved me into the guard, they put me in a little order and then brought me to suckle for good. If I had wanted to, I could have asked them to remove the thumb-smear that they put on that baby's throat, but I didn't finally die. "

What can be called weak cesarean section?

In our birth, the doctor used to say that a weak chaperone is like a waltz, where every tune must flap to come up with a round choreography of Barbara V-Bel. With a weak cup, we can give birth to a family to be born, and a baby can lighten her first life, and we can also follow the golden ear more closely. Even with the electric cups opening the belly, you can push the baby out of the abdomen, and the weak cups after the opening of the abdomen and the womb let the baby go out on its own.Like if you were really born on the vagina. Here you can observe even the rotations that the fetus would make in the last part of the birth canal before birth. The work that the baby does to get out of the tummy tuck is very important in that the mucus, the amniotic fluid, is well drained out of the lungs' bladder. Because of this, the chances of the baby having a lull are much lower. In addition, the baby will be a little more prepared, as we will not catch it suddenly, but will slip out by itself. In the same way, the whole process would be true if they were making blemishes, which is not at all unusual in the country, but this has not been practiced by Barbara in this country. The electron uses a folding screen that prevents the mother from seeing what is on the other side. However, in the case of a weak cup, parents may choose to watch the moment when the baby slips out of the abdomen. Because the bikini line is cut around, and the belly, like a small hill, well covers the section below, so the parents don't see the uncomfortable, bloody section. They will see the whole thing as the baby's head appears once and then they give birth. After that, the baby will be rubbed on his tummy. Recently, he has a need for spending, which according to the WHO is about five minutes. If it lasts for half a minute, it is definitely good, but the longer it takes, the better it is, Barbara added.
It is important to know that your baby's cost of delivery is no greater risk than a baby's vagina, but it also contributes to the health of the newborn (such as the importance of the baby's iron repository). During this time, the newborn will also have the opportunity to adapt a little. baby, but only for the time it drops the bloody lips, the amniotic fluid, if any, and immediately puts it on the mother's chest. There is a warming lamp in the line of the mother's chest, and at the bottom the mother, like an incubator, protects and heats the baby. The lamp is needed because the lamp is 18-21 degrees and newborns can cool very quickly. The baby is given a small cap and a polar blanket and diaper (which is important for sterility). From now on, if the mother and baby are well, there is no further contraindication. until the end of the operation, the family can be threesome. The father can hold the mother's hand, stroke the baby, who is on the mother's chest, and join the tits at any time. Observation also shows that around the age of 20 minutes, babies begin to inquire about the subject. In this case, we do not interfere very much anymore, only if you do not get the nipple too good, so as not to cause the mother to cripple - Barbara Kovács Varga said. , and you can put it on the mother's neck, which can be unpleasant. In this case, we fix it a bit on the mother's chest, but in order to have her free movement in the golden circle phase. . As long as the mother is not mobilized, the senses return to the feet and arouse (about 6-8 hours), they should be in close skin contact. This helps to keep your lactation as smooth as possible and to help your baby stop breastfeeding at any time. However, these are less frequent, mostly due to personal conditions, Barbara added.

Nora is working

"In 2016, the same doctor where the other two were born told me that there was a weak cup in my chosen hospital. I was very sorry for that. this exercise. So it was all about telling me in advance: the baby was raised and my thighs rested (so the cord was performed). He smiled a lot, and then he took the cord and brought it in. Because everything was going well, I freed my hands to take it with me. we just took me a little bit and then we brought it right away so we could continue the golden owl.

When we can't choose the weak cup

It is important to know that, in some cases, unfortunate germination may not occur. A weak goblet is contraindicated when it comes to rushing to death and needing emergency dressing. For premature babies, twins, intrauterine retarded babies, low-weight babies and tailed babies, you can't choose a weak goblet. Neither should a weak goblet come from those with some maternal or fetal indication.ZбrszуWeak cesarean section is a much more humane variation of this surgical procedure, which has a number of positive effects on both the baby and the parent. However, we should never lose sight of the fact that cesarean section is a life-saving operation that has a myriad of consequences and risks for vaginal delivery. It cannot be emphasized in advance that preventing undue cesarean section would still be a very important task.Related articles in Cupping:
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