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Yeah! How much does this kid eat?

Yeah! How much does this kid eat?

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Serious illness can be prevented by paying careful attention to your balanced diet when feeding your child. Conscious cooking and eating are the responsibility of the parent.

Yeah! How much does this kid eat?

From the very beginning, it is especially important to have your child a good consumptioneducate you, as eating in the early years greatly influences your later eating habits. Unfortunately, the statistics in our country are discouraging: a spring 2009 study by the Hungarian Society of Pediatricians found that children 1-3 years of age were recommended to take 500 mg of sodium. they consume multiples daily. One of the main reasons for this is that from the age of one year on, the little ones eat the same meals as their parents, although in this period they would need to adjust the meals to the needs of the developing organization.

Why are so many hurt?

Excessive intake can damage young children 's underdeveloped kidneys and also have a bad effect on their blood pressure. High input intake a vйrnyomбsemelх it also increases the risk of cerebral haemorrhage, renal disease, and left ventricular muscle mass (hypertrophy).
At the initiative of the European Commission, Hungary has also joined the EU Framework Program for Reducing the Food Content of More and More in the Member States.
According to surveys conducted in the adult population in Hungary, 2.5 million people are affected by hypertension. Therefore, it is important that you choose to cook your child's food deliberately at a young age, or to choose ingredients that contain no or only reduced amounts of kitchenware. You should also be aware that your baby is not a small adult, as your body has a harder time coping with the "big jumping" of the big ones.

You and your food

Currently, 77 percent of population intake is available processed foodsbhl, not the added buh. Therefore, it is worthwhile to pay attention to what is in the shopping cart. Among our basic foods are extremely high content of breads, meats, cheeses, sheep, meats, smoked meats, spices, and spices.

Think before you give him food!

You can calculate the food content by multiplying the sodium content on the label by 2.5. The recommended daily consumption of the kitchen is 1.2 g for children and 5 g for adults.
Foods for children have a controlled sodium content and can be taken several times a day. Instead of dairy products that are too small for children, it is worthwhile to add a milk based baby drink, as in addition to the optimal amount of all nutrients (white, iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) needed for growth.

How can you reduce your child's intake?

If you have juice, a few can help. Since food itself contains the sodium necessary for our body to function, we should not basically need to feed our food at any age. Prepare your toddler's diet even more carefully than adults, since in these cases, food can be delicious without you. Consider the following tips!
  • When cooking, you can cheat off the flavors of green herbs, even without using it, for example, you can use iron grass to gently discover new flavors.
  • Frying together with vegetables and fruits can also contribute to the family's acceptance of lighter flavors.
  • The more aromatic (green) spices, greens, fruits you use, the more you can reduce your intake, which not only has a positive effect on your family's health, but also benefits your child.
  • Instead of giving you sweet treats, give your child some oily seeds, sliced ​​greens, fruits!
  • Buy natural products, milk-based baby drinks instead of dried dairy products!
  • Instead of succulent cuts, favor the natural ham!
  • Use fresh greens and always check the sodium content of the prepared products!
  • Avoid using food powders and soup cubes!
  • Source: Kisbögre and Tudor Hrrlevél, September 2010
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