Education or genetics?

Education or genetics?

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Who is this kid for? - the desperate parents make the request if they are confronted with a trait that is less tolerable in children. What determines personality through genetics or parenting?

Education or genetics?

There is no unambiguous answer to the request. Not only when we look at our children, but when we look at ourselves, we wonder whether we are genetic in the way we behave? is genetics what the environment, culture, education and what do we bring with us? The szбmtalan a theme kutatбs szьletett the legйrdekesebbek those ikerkutatбsok that it vizsgбltбk to felnхtt kьlцnbцzх csalбdban ikerpбrok what hasonlнtanak, йs what kьlцnbцznek egymбstуl.Ha the speciбlis kйpessйgeket vizsgбljuk - as the pйldбul muzikalitбst or matematikбt - the things learned fear-цrцklцtt йs Half of the price is set-up Dr. Endre Czeizel.Our brand is defined and also a storehouse of our potential. We are all born with a particular genetic trait, but what we do and do not know depends only on our environment. Whether you like it or not, affirmation, rejection, or just motivation.Ranschburg Jenх in one of his lectures, he demonstrated in a lovely, exemplary example, a gardening resemblance, the importance of accepting and supporting our child. In his view, it is not true that genetics, determinants of personality, are primarily environmental and non-genetic, and education determines how adult a child is to be considered. they want it. There will never be anything else, for he is a fake cypress. Turning this around to education, Ranschburg argued that through familiarity, love, acceptance, and support, a child would become himself, and his surroundings would be a socially balanced man. First of all we need to understand what you were born forand second, you need to be aware of that tбmogatnunk, we help. Don't try to raise a fake cypress.


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