The Child and the FishHow can we help them with grief?

The Child and the FishHow can we help them with grief?

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We can do a little harder parenting task than talking to our baby about the fish. After all, children can only be told in a language that can be processed by their language, why there is no one else we love.

We can do a little harder parenting task than talking about the fish

It is advisable for us to lose all ages to the age at which we can talk to our child about the fish. Babies can feel the mourning in their environment for up to six months, they may deteriorate their lungs, and they may be lighter. In such cases, a sticking to an established agenda can help a lotwe can't do anything else, because we have to let our own cure up to a certain extent.Also, toddlers (under 4) in the age anyway frequent separation anxiety. However, they may not show any behavioral change: they laugh, play as they do. This is also a normal behavior, and we do not need to think that our child is insensitive: in this world only fish as a matter of importance are quite indefinite.The concept of death begins to develop in children 4-6 years. However, we have to realize that it may be incomprehensible to them that fish are irreversible, inevitable, and that they will break with everyone. Nor is it certain that they are spelled that in death, the body ceases to function, often think that the dead drink underneath the ground, eat, do normal life activities. It is not abnormal, nor is it when our child plays the dead: in this case, to process the loser: therefore, talk patiently to whatever you ask or do.It is also important to know that a child it can take up to years, even though it is processing the loss, because it only travels in small steps that can be tolerated, so up to a month after the sad event, behavioral disturbances, developmental setbacks, eg. loss of room cleanliness.

What should we do?

-It is not a good way to express our remorse, and our sadness: children still feel that something is wrong, and they are much more stressed if we try to hide our heart from the head.- Short, simple answers, more complicated, more difficult. "Uncle Bella is dead, so her body doesn't work anymore, she doesn't eat, she doesn't drink, she doesn't feel any more pain." - Not to mention that "grandpa fell asleep" or "hollowed out", because the child may not dare to fall asleep, fearing that he or she will die. Or it comes to the conclusion that if the grandfather is asleep, he can come back. - Also, explaining that if someone died from illness does not mean that if their closest patient, for example, and then he will die, as there are more severe and fewer serious diseases.- her favorite pet dies, let's not bag a little cure either: talk about roule as when a man dies, for losing his puppy is as much a pain as a relative: it is not "evil."Tуth Gбbor Бkos healing on A doctor answers in the following statement: "A fish is really one whose memory is dying. For children of such ages it is very important to have a family. Even if they are physically, , our roles still remain, we can refer to them doing this or that, and our role in maintaining this continuity. Summon them in pictures, videos, add them in places you like, with your favorite foods - just keep them "alive". The irrevocable closure of the cemetery, in my opinion, can be understood as an adult, so as not to burden the children. At the same time, I do not believe that there is no "dead task" for the dead in the sieve's daily ritual. : why did you do it? How do you behave in my place? It is not the sense of loss in our children that is promoted by grandparents and grand priests ".
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