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His pop is red. What am I doing wrong?

His pop is red. What am I doing wrong?

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Occasionally your little butt will turn red. What is the reason and how you can prevent the problem?

The reddish butt greatly affects the baby's comfort

* You may be doing everything right, but the composition of urine and faeces will vary depending on your diet. More effective, for example, when introducing some new foods. After consuming higher levels of apples, oranges, and tomatoes, the diaper content quickly diminishes the skin.
* Not only does the orange or tomato eaten by the baby "appear" on the baby poppy, the mother's milk also gets all the "nicer" snacks, so the stolen pickle cucumber you have.
* As the pH value of the abundantly produced tooth at the start of the tooth erodes the mouth and the perineum, so the nappy area is reddened through the digestive tract.
* Have you tried a new type of diaper? It may have a weaker absorption capacity and a dry skin, eliminating more potent ammonia from the urine.
* During illness or latency, the immune system is weakened and the skin's ability to resist is reduced.
* You may also suspect a fungal infection with persistent or frequently recurring redness, especially if you also see tiny spots on the skin.

Prevent Redness!

- Observe which fruit is the goose and give it less to the baby, or skip it completely, possibly in smaller amounts, for other food.
- You can counteract the fungus with a sugar tip: do not give pizzas biscuits or sugary drinks. - If you are breastfeeding, make your meal as much as giving it to the little one, so you do not eat sugary foods or baby food.

Real tips for red pop!

- Zinc-containing creams at the same time protect against further rancidity and promote the build-up of threefold. However, too thick a cream will only apply to the diaper, reducing the ability to absorb moisture. - Air your baby's butt! In a warm room, leave the diaper loosened for a while, slip it down, or flush it over, and keep it warm and dry over your skin. the rest of the story. Instead of turmeric, use a flannel pad to water the roulette.

Don't do this:

- Fancy the baby when you break the red butt? Be sure to dry your wet skin with a hair dryer, as this will dry out your skin better and cause an unexpected piss-ray.
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