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Minds in the SpiritPhysical Preparation for Life

Minds in the SpiritPhysical Preparation for Life

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How do you survive the nine months that your child develops and grows in tummy tuckers? Do you consider this period to be pregnancy or pregnancy? We should also try to prepare a prospective parent in the spirit and to try the creature, not just in physical terms.

"Pregnancy is the period from the embryo to the fetal cavity until the fetus is born." In medical terms. Spiritually, however, it is much more than that. Not unexpectedly, this period is called expectancy. During these several months, there are intense biological and psychological changes. Not just the birth, but the baby, you have to prepare for the familyHowever, the process of expectation is still fully under the condition of health, and it does not assist in mental preparation, even though it would be an indispensable part of the childhood blood.

Wheat grains on the baby boy

Already, expectancy and parenting traditions are almost completely lost. Yet ancient cultures and archaic societies have accumulated many experiences that can be used as ideas for solving crises and changes, as well as for the development of opportunities. Neapolitan cultures have found rhetoric to mitigate the disruption caused by change, which has sometimes facilitated the transition from one to the other. Think of the initiation story, the custom of birth, death, marriage. The rhetoric that connects the turns of human life is to transfer each one from one situation to another. They ensure separation, disappearance from the world, and facilitate entry into the new world. However, small traditions can be counted on today. We live in alternate phases "we were left alone", so is this child's preparation for childhood, even during the pregnancy period.

It's nine months big time

What do we have today, instead of the supportive population of Neapolitan customs, traditions, and big families? First and foremost, unlimited information and a wealth of options: maternity, midwifery and baby mama. The "market" is huge in volume, just think of birth rearing, pre-natal contact development programs, gymnastics, cross-country courses, state-of-the-art ultrasound. Let's just win the election! Or rather? The information you bring to the fire, contradictory "good advice", the rhymes, often only confuse prospective parents who feel in the midst of it, cannot leave a responsible parent with anything that can be good for and ready for a newborn child. It is hard not to follow fashion and push the border. However, let's try to focus on the essence, the spiritual preparation, which is still impossible today.

Prepare yourself in spirit

What do you need for fins?

Both prospective moms and dads need to play a part in spiritual preparation. Choosing a prospect is an opportunity for the couple to talk to them a lot and honestly about what they are living and changing their relationship with. It is important to clarify and discuss any fears, worries, requests.Without the home remodeling, you will have plenty of equipment in your baby's room to buy all the supplies inward turn activity they can prepare parents for babies, both physically and mentally. Let's prepare our children for spiritual and spiritual finishing! Since the real csalбdi fйszek jуval tцbb a bцlcsхnйl йs nйhбny bababъtornбl.Minйl tцbb minхsйgi idхt tцltsцn egyьtt the mother of йs pбrja when watching egymбsra, megosztjбk egymбssal йlmйnyeiket, йrzйseiket, jбrу the vбrandуs бllapottal цrцmцket, fйlelmeket, fantбziбkat. It is important for a baby to feel that she is trapped and can count on her at any time.

Tune in to help

What are some things you can do to help with tuning?Talk daily about prospective parents, parents, sensors, parents to be born; calmly, in due time. Begin to formulate their feelings, talk about the child, their plans, their cries, their fears; design your room, your living space.Speak to the tummy tucker, stroke it, touch it several times a day. Involve in your life by communicating, listening to music, it can have a relaxing effect on all of them. Try to create a positive, pleasant environment and eliminate disturbing external stimuli. Massage, relaxation, meditation (work with inner images), flame exercises can be a fun way to play. Prospective parents talk to their own parents, with their mother's own birth; and to get an idea of ​​what your baby will be like, how your baby will be born.Make a list of things to try and plan a baby reception. Naturally, it is necessary to complete, and be able to, complete the period of gestation to obtain, and be able to accomplish, the tasks of gaining knowledge (pregnancy, childbirth, choice of physician, infant).

The leukemia of blood circulation

According to psychologists, different stages of pregnancy have different meanings. During these stages, the mother (and the father, of course) has three completely different tasks. In the early period a electro-tuningto accept the mother of the baby. Accept pregnancy and consider the baby as a part. The medium stage is the acceptance of the baby as a lunatic so inner elkılılıs The fact that a tummy tucked up and the baby moves is a great help to the baby's ability to see her child as a sweet girl. The final stage is a levбlбs, when it comes to the little world, it begins to live.

No matter how

Never forget that as with all births and so on, this is also true. There are general sensations, fears, desires, and traditions, but they are all a bit mythical, both in body and in spirit. Keep this in mind and let us make our own decision on how to live those nine months: pregnant or vбrandуsan.More interesting articles:
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